Finally 800cc Suzuki Mehran Will Be Replaced With A 660cc Car By Next Year

Finally 800cc Suzuki Mehran Will Be Replaced With A 660cc Car By Next Year

By the end of year 2018 and early 2019, noiseless, sleek and good looking cars are likely to be introduced in Pakistani market and some obsolete models will finally die for good.

After dominating Pakistani car market for nearly thirty years, finally 800cc Suzuki Mehran will be replaced with a 660cc car by next year.

According to a notification, the management of Pak Suzki Motor Company Limited has decided to discontinue its model SB-308 Mehran from April 2019. The company has informed its vendors that from September 2018 to March 2019, only 23821 units will be assembled to avoid any surplus stock.

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According to sources, by end of this year, company may start booking of its new 660cc car which will replace 800cc Mehran. It is expected that Suzuki will introduce its model Alto, which has already made its place in Pakistani market. Pakistan has been importing used Alto from Japan since last many years.

Among new entrants, Master Motors will launch its Changan vehicles on 15th September 2018. The company will introduce two pickups M8 and M9 and an MPV Karvaan.

MPV Karvaan is expected to be priced around Rs one million while M8 and M9 will be priced at around 850,000 and 900,000 rupees, respectively.

Insiders believe Pakistan’s first electric and echo car “Proton” is also close to launch as local company Al-haj Automotive Private Limited has signed a deal with Malaysian automaker Proton Holdings to assemble and distribute Proton’s electric and eco-friendly cars in Pakistan. Iriz is one of the Proton’s most popular cars, which starts at around Rs 1.1 million in Malaysia. It is expected that an Iriz EV variant will be launched in Pakistan.

Insiders believe that if new cars are priced rightly, spare parts availability is ensured in addition to trained staff-run workshops, the new comers can easily penetrate local market.

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