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Every Pakistani Now Has A Voice: PM Khan Inaugurates Complaint Portal For Citizens

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Every Pakistani Now Has A Voice: PM Khan Inaugurates Complaint Portal For Citizens
Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Pakistan Citizens' Portal, a set up at the Prime Minister Office with an intend to "opportune location the issues of the general population and get their criticism", on Sunday. 

The portal will be accessible to citizens as a cellphone application, yet they will likewise have the capacity to approach the legislature through phone, email or composed letters. 

The portal will be utilized to send objections and proposals to Prime Minister Office straightforwardly, as indicated by Radio Pakistan, and the workplace will direct the "process of addressing the public complaints and implementation on recommendations".

PM Khan, while tending to the initiation function in Islamabad, depicted the framework as "the initial move towards enhancing administration" and making a helpful domain for venture. 

"The system that we've developed is a means to change the prevailing mindset. For the first time, government offices and ministries will be accountable," the premier said, adding that it would give ordinary Pakistanis, both home and abroad, a voice.

"The portal will make it easy for me to get details of where in Pakistan the complaints are coming from, about which ministries," said the premier.

The system will enable the government to keep track of what's happening in various ministries and departments, and how they are performing, and subsequent "policies will reflect what the public wants".

"All policy-making will be done after hearing the voice of the people," he added.

"I believe this will bring a quantum change in Pakistan which is very important for our future. We need investment. We ave inherited a mountain of debt, and if we want to get out of it, there is only one way ─ we need to bring investment to Pakistan," the PM said.

The premier explained that foreign investment may increase in Pakistan when barriers to investment are removed by addressing and resolving complaints lodged through the portal.

Khan recalled a visit to Turkey while Recep Tayyip Erdogan was prime minister. "He told me that he had a complaint cell in his office for investors, which led to a change in his office."

"Our youth have developed this portal in-house, and it can be expanded. It will be connected with the offices of the provincial chief secretaries. They will be pressured then to give answers. We will know what's happening in the province and what departments are performing," he said.

"Before putting in your complaint on the system, the address and ID card details will all be asked for and this database will be connected with National Database and Registration Authority, so we will know if a complaint is authentic or not," the PM said, adding that people will be informed how long it will take to receive a response to their complaints.

"This is an all-rounder app with every government department under it; from health to police to education. It is all encompassing," he said.

"Every week, I will receive all the details about complaints from each area, and which ministries complaints are coming from. The people in government will realize that they must serve citizens, since their salaries are being paid through taxpayers' money."

Moreover, the head stated, all dissension information will be distributed with the goal that general society can consider commonplace governments responsible also. 

"Naya Pakistan will come into being when the Pakistani people own the government and rely on the government to help them," he added.

The framework will likewise make it simple to rebuff and reward government officers based on their execution, PM Khan said. "Grumblings will show up on the ACRs of officers who don't perform... thus advancements will be on legitimacy. A legitimacy based framework will be made," he said. 

At the point when asked how the protest portal is unique in relation to grumbling cells set up in past governments, PM Khan stated: "This kind of framework does not exist in Pakistan ─ and even in numerous European nations. It can take a gigantic load, it is associated. This is e-administration that was never there in Pakistan." 

"The governance system will push all departments. As PM, I had no way of knowing how efficient various departments are. If they colluded (with each other), I wouldn't get feedback. The citizens will hold the government accountable, and such feedback has never been given to any PM in Pakistan before."

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