Apple Has Fixed Its Bagel Emoji With Cream Cheese
At the point when Apple released the first iOS 12.1 beta on the event of the World Emoji Day uncovered that it would release 70 new emojis including a bagel.But the number of emojis that Apple was serving on a platter was not what got it footing.

This is an emoji that New Yorkers and bagel sweethearts around the globe have been expecting for quite a while and the failure is genuinely overpowering. Investigate this unmistakably machine-cut hulk with its solid and bready inside, which couldn’t in any way, shape or form be recovered by a couple of minutes in a toaster.

Apple has been accused of chargegate, beautygate and furthermore the one which made the most confusion!

Apple was swarmed with objections about how the bagel was an affront to the bagel family and ought to be given the sort of regard it merited. At long last, the bagel which should be a “monstrosity”, “unsavoury” looking has had a makeover even before the discharge in the fourth beta arrival of iOS 12.1.

Apple has totally revamped its bagel emoji. It presently includes harsh, practical surfaces and a storing of cream cheddar. Gratefully Apple stopped this from developing in any way rapidly before we have #bagelgate or something.

Source : Emojipedia

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