Will Julie Chen Leave ‘Big Brother’ After Quitting ‘The Talk’?

Will Julie Chen Leave ‘Big Brother’ After Quitting ‘The Talk’?

Be that as it may, first … is Julie Chen Opens a New Window. out at Big Brother Opens a New Window. ? The host’s job is not yet decided, and she might hang up her cap as the host of the CBS reality appear after season 20. Chen, 48, formally quit The Talk on Tuesday, September 18, seven days after the system let go her significant other Les Moonves, who filled in as CEO and executive. 

Moonves was blamed by numerous ladies for sexual unfortunate behavior and has denied all cases made against him. Be that as it may, since the charges started, Chen has remained close by, creating an impression by closing down of Big Brother as “Julie Chen Moonves” in her first appearance following his terminating. 

While Chen declared she was leaving The Talk to “invest more energy at home with my significant other and our young child,” she didn’t uncover on the off chance that she’d come back to future periods of Big Brother. 

The twentieth portion of the arrangement is right now airing and she anticipated that would complete out the season, which closes on Wednesday, September 26. 

Notwithstanding, an insider near the show reveals to Us Weekly that a choice has not yet been made yet about future seasons. While we hear some creation individuals are trusting Chen stays on the show, the system has likewise been unobtrusively putting out sensors should Chen not return. 

The source discloses to Us that names, for example, season 2 champ Dr. Will Kirby, Celebrity Big Brother sprinter up Ross Mathews and Big Brother Canada have Arisa Cox have all been tossed around. In the interim a second insider guarantees the system will probably look for a greater name and even conceivably rebrand the show totally. 

Elder sibling show on CBS Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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