What Take Place If You Pull An Electronic Handbrake At 120 Mph?

Autos with a decent old normal handbrake lever are a withering breed, which leaves enthusiasts without the likelihood of completing a legitimate handbrake turn.
One of the Top Gear presenters, Chris Harris, needed to see whether the electronic handbrake, which is turning into the standard as opposed to the special case, can in any case be utilized to have a great time in a hurry.
In this way, he took his co-host Rory Reid on a short voyage in the facelifted Volkswagen Golf R, with an unmistakable objective in his psyche: what occurs on the off chance that you draw in the electronic handbrake at 120 mph (193 km/h).
Normally, the electronic handbrake did the self-evident, to be specific conveying the auto to a full stop tenderly, much to the disappointment of Harris, who was presumably expecting something smokier.

Concerning the following test, Harris had a go at completing a handbrake turn, something effectively achievable in a car furnished with a customary lever. Thus, with his right foot down, he got some speed, turned right and pulled on the electronic handbrake.
What happened next? you can watch in the below video.

via: carscoops

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