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Their Is More Water On Jupiter Than Earth : Study

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Their Is More Water On Jupiter Than Earth : Study

50 years after the noteworthy Galileo test, when researchers at NASA had abandoned the journey for water on Jupiter, an ongoing examination by a group of US-based researchers may have bumbled onto a conceivably pathbreaking revelation.

In a paper published in Astronomical Journal, titled “The Gas Composition and Deep Cloud Structure of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot,” they claim to have found evidence of three cloud layers in the titular hurricane enveloping the planet for half a century.
The deepest cloud layer has been detected at 5-7 bars or about 100 miles below the cloud tops, where the scientists believe the temperature dips below the freezing point.
The group and process behind the perceptions 
"By planning and investigating [radiation] information acquired utilizing ground-based telescopes, our group has distinguished the concoction marks of water far below the surface of Jupiter's Great Red Spot," said Máté Ádámkovics, an associate educator in the College of Science's bureau of material science and cosmology. 
The group additionally included Gordon L. Bjoraker of NASA, Michael H. Wong and Imke de Pater of the University of California, Berkeley, Tilak Hewagama of the University of Maryland and Glenn Orton of CalTech, however it will open its ways to incorporate more researchers to take the exploration to the following level.

“The discovery of water on Jupiter using our technique is important in many ways. Our current study focused on the red spot, but future projects will be able to estimate how much water exists on the entire planet,” Ádámkovics told SciTech Daily. According to him, even though 99% of Jupiter’s atmosphere is composed of hydrogen and helium, “even solar fractions of water on a planet this massive would add up to many times more water than we have here on Earth.”
For a planet that is encircled by 79 moons made of ice, “Water may play a critical role in Jupiter’s dynamic weather patterns,” he said. The discovery, made with iSHELL on the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility and the Near Infrared Spectograph on the Keck 2 telescope, will further improve scientific understanding of the mysteries behind the turbulent atmosphere.
Finally, it is common knowledge that the presence of liquid water suggests the possibility of life. So even if it appears very unlikely, Ádámkovics said, “life on Jupiter is not beyond the range of our imaginations.” NASA’s Juno spacecraft, which breached Jupiter’s atmosphere in 2016 and will be orbiting the planet till 2021, is currently engaged in searching for water using its own high-tech infrared spectrometer.
Their Is More Water On Jupiter Than Earth : Study
                                                                                                                                       Credit: NASA


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