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Scientists  Are Going To  Create  The  Largest  Gene Bank In USA

Members of the Genome 10K consortium at the annual conference, which is now in new York, has announced the launch of the international project “the Genomes of vertebrates”, its task – to collect all 66 genomes of thousands of vertebrate species living today on the planet, reports the with reference to
In 2009, the American biologist David Hassler (David Haussler), Oliver Ryder (Oliver Ryder) and Stephen O’brien (Stephen O’brien) founded the Genome 10K project, whose goal was to otsenivat 10 thousand vertebrate genomes. At the initial stage of the project involved 55 scientists from major zoos, research centers and museums.
At first it was unclear how long it will take to assemble the genomes of sufficient quality. But with the cheapening and simplification of the methods of sequencing, it became clear that the project will meet its objectives within a few years.
The most recent three years, the task members contrasted and the real methods of DNA sequencing and examination of the acquired outcomes with a specific end goal to pick the ones that will make the "platinum genomes". Recently the members of the Genome 10K reported the dispatch of another venture "the Genomes of vertebrates", which means to gather the genomes of male and female people of 66 types of vertebrate creatures. The undertaking will include 150 researchers speaking to 50 associations from 12 nations. 
As indicated by one of the authors of the task, Oliver Ryder, thus, the scholars can comprehend the purposes behind the elimination of the species, incorporating whether occurred in the historical backdrop of the species to inbreeding, bottlenecks, bringing about diminished hereditary decent variety of the species or erasure transformation that can "kill" fundamental for the survival of the life form qualities.

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