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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catches fire : Latest News

A resident of Long Island has filed a lawsuit against Samsung, claiming her Galaxy Note 9 caught on fire in an elevator. This is the first reported case of a Note 9 catching fire, according to Samsung

Reports have risen of a Galaxy Note 9, Samsung's most recent leader, having burst into flames. The episode, announced by New York Post, was accounted for by Diane Chung, a Long Island occupant, who guaranteed that the telephone burst into flames inside her tote. Chung has recorded a claim against Samsung in the Queens Supreme Court, looking for harms from the South Korean firm, and also a limiting request on the offer of Note 9.

According to the lawsuit, Chung, a real estate agent, was in an elevator soon after midnight on September 3, when she felt her Galaxy Note 9 ‘become extremely hot’. Following this, she decided to stop using the phone, and kept it in her purse.Soon after, she claimed hearing a ‘whistling and screeching sound’, as well as ‘thick smoke’ that began to appear from her bag.
As per the lawsuit, Chung placed the bag on the elevator floor, as she attempted to pull out her smoking Samsung phone, burning her fingers in the process. She claims she was trapped alone in the elevator with the burning Galaxy Note 9, and was ‘extremely panicked
What's more, she said that the thick smoke made it intense to see, and she started to crush lift catches. As she achieved the hall, Chung tossed the telephone out of the lift, however the telephone did not quit consuming. This proceeded until the point that a decent Samaritan picked the Note 9 with a material, and drenched it into a can of water. Calling the experience 'awful', Chung's claim expresses that she was not able call customers, while the Samsung leader likewise destroyed the substance of her sack.
Source: IndianExpress

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