Samsung Galaxy A7 | Company’s First Triple-Camera Smartphone
Samsung has announced the 2018 Galaxy A7, its first smartphone with a triple-lens rear camera, following in the strides of Huawei’s fantastic P20 Pro. 

It’s reasonable which include Samsung feels most unequivocally about in this freshest expansion to the A series: in spite of its other inventive new highlights, Samsung sketched out the triple lens camera in depth while introducing the new model. 

Samsung Galaxy A7 | Company’s First Triple-Camera Smartphone

The triple camera is comprised of three distinct lenses a 8-megapixel wide edge camera, a 24-megapixel camera and a depth lens that enables the camera to make purported “bokeh impact” photographs, which is the point at which a question is in concentrate however the foundation is obscured. 

The front camera has a flexible LED streak for custom control of selfies, and in addition the Selfie Focus and Pro Lighting Mode includes that make photographs look proficient. In addition, the channels are implicit, so no compelling reason to go to Instagram for that impeccable sepia picture. 

The smartphone will come in four colors, including blue, dark, gold and pink, and appears to arrive without a moment to spare to go up against the bright iPhone XR. Samsung selection of hues and backdrop for the press render looks to some degree like iPhone XR renders. 

The model additionally accompanies Bixby and Samsung Health.The extreme selfie smartphone for smartphone picture takers and the individuals who are always recording their encounters, Samsung’s Galaxy A7 is set to reveal this fall in Asian and European markets. Its cost has not yet been reported.

Images Source : Samsung 

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