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Samsung Are Going to End the J Series Soon

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Samsung Are Going to End the J Series Soon

Samsung is reportedly going to merge its popular smartphone range from the lower-middle category into the much higher-end A series.

According to quite a few reports, the South-Korean mobile manufacturer is all ready to merge its lower, middle and upper-middle cadre smartphones into one singular category – the A Series. The reclassification that is going to be implemented for every other smartphone except possibly the Samsung’s flagship S and Note series, will be officiated very soon as the work has already started. The M series would also continue to exist, however, the giant’s plan for this series isn’t still known.

The reasons, about why this progression is being taken, are as yet obscure to the media as there has been no official articulation from the goliath itself. The gossipy tidbits, be that as it may, has it that the progression is conceivable focused at fighting the rising contenders from the China area. 

It is a verifiable truth, that for a long while now, the veteran cell phone goliaths like Samsung and Apple have been encountering a considerable measure of rivalry from the Chinese cell phone producers. These cell phone makers are generally ready to give very high particulars in considerably more tightly value sections, swallowing a great deal of piece of the pie from bring down center and center level classification which beforehand had a place just with Samsung and so on. Recently, Huawei crossed Apple to end up the World's second biggest cell phone organization. 

Only a couple of days prior, we as of now observed one such move from Apple too which on its yearly keynote gathering declared extraordinary Dual-SIM iPhone renditions for China. The Dual-SIM iPhones for the various markets bore one opening for genuine SIM and the other for a much-more current eSIM, with the exception of China where both of the plate were for real SIMs. You can read more about this issue from here.

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