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Parents In Pakistan Will Now Be Punished If Their Underage Kids Are Caught Driving

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Parents In Pakistan Will Now Be Punished If Their Underage Kids Are Caught Driving
On thirteenth September 2018, Lahore High Court issued a notice with respect to forbidding underage driving and if there should be an occurrence of this law violation, the parents of the violators will be sent to prison.

As of late, one exceptionally responsible citizen took the issue before Lahore High Court fit as a fiddle of a composed appeal. In the wake of hearing the case this Wednesday, September 12, 2018, LHC Judge Justice Ali Akber Qureshi forced a restriction on underage driving and commented that any underage individual isn't permitted to drive cars, ride motorcycles or even rickshaws.

Justice Qureshi likewise cleared up that guardians or gatekeepers, of any underage individual discovered abusing, will be sent to imprison and have guided Traffic Police authorities to take every single essential measure promptly. City Traffic Police will now dispatch a gigantic drive against underage drivers and riders.

Head Traffic Officer Liaquat Ali Malik has coordinated his whole staff and superintendents on obligation to make strict move against people damaging this BAN with no support to anybody. On the main violation, guardians will be requested to go to the police headquarters and sign a sworn statement that the violation won't occur once more. On the off chance that got the second time, guardians will be sent to imprison. 
Wherever on the planet, there is a sure driving age breaking point to get a permit and we have same laws in Pakistan also, however unfortunately it is being damaged so straightforwardly and we run over underage drivers and riders each other day with no corrective activity. The hazard of underage driving is rebuked for some, mischances bringing about genuine results and at times fatalities. Underage drivers are a peril to people in general as well as a genuine risk to their own particular lives. Other than autos, there is a dominant part of children who ride motorbikes and at times auto rickshaws/Ching-Chee.

Nobody ought to work an engine vehicle without the permit and one must hold up until the point when he or she achieves the required age breaking point of 18, according to current law to be qualified for student's allow and later legitimate authority permit. Each one of those holding students allow as of now, ought to have an authorized driver with them. They can't drive alone until the point when they get their real permit.

Ideally, high courts from different regions additionally actualize such managing or if nothing else the activity controlling expert begin authorizing the effectively settled law and stop and rebuff the underage drivers as well as all drivers and bikers without a permit.

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