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Fortnite Week 10 Search Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces In Basements

Footnotes Season 10 Challenges are presented LIVE, and the leaks were all right. The Jigsaw Pieces in Basements, Search between a covered bridge, waterfall and ninth green walk, Apples and Mushrooms and more have all been added to the Season 5 Battle Pass. These will be the last difficulties of the current season, so try to peruse our aides and get however many rewards as would be prudent from the assignments.

In this Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces manage, we'll be strolling you through how to find all the Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Piece areas spread out over the Battle Royale map, you can have this test done as fast as possible. You'll need to discover seven of these puzzle pieces in the event that you need to check the task off your rundown.

Here are the Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces areas we think about up until this point: 

Risky Reels: one is in a house west of Risky Reels, another in a stable in the upper east corner. 

Shifty Shafts: northwest in the cellar of the southern house. 

Greasy Grove: In the storm cellar of Durr Burger. 

Snobby Shores: in the cellar of a house toward the south. 

Salty Springs: in the expansive white house in Salty Springs, another Jigsaw Puzzle Piece is in the cellar here. 

Pleasant Park: in the cellar of a working toward the east of this territory. 

Tomato Temple: north of this new territory is a way that prompts an expansive house on the correct side. A riddle piece is in the cellar of this building. 

You simply need to take after the cellars, of which there are seven. A similar number of jigsaw pieces you have to discover to finish the test.

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