Fortnite Brings Back Power Chord Skin

The Power Chord skin has shown up in the fortnight item shop after a few Tweet went out from the authority Fortnite account prodding its entry. 

Players who have for some time been anticipating its arrival can lift it up, packaged with the Six String back bling, for a nice measure of V-Bucks – yet these aren’t the main beautifiers to show up.

Fortnite Brings Back Power Chord Skin
Power Chord fans have overwhelmed social media channels for the game, requesting that the outfit be re-release. What’s more, with each passing week it looked progressively likely that she may never return, thus fans progressively wound up urgent in their requests. Furthermore, it worked. 

She’s back and prepared to be acquired and worn perpetually, on the off chance that you have a 2,000 V-Bucks that is.
Notwithstanding the Power Chord furnish, the entire arrangement of Volume 11 gear is in the store update, which incorporates a gathering device, a lightweight plane, and an act out. 

The event included a few new difficulties for players to finish, compensating an assortment of free restorative things in-game after wrapping up. The update likewise included the new Wildcard skin with swappable veils and a Safecracker lightweight plane. At last, there’s the Ace Pack, a superior offering, including the Ace outfit and a unique Swag Bag back bling.
Players who need to get the total Volume 11 set will watch spend 4,400 V-Bucks, the likeness $40-$50 USD. It’s surely not shabby, but rather that is the value you need to pay in the event that you need to get your hands on such constrained release clothing.

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