Canon Introduced  Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

Sony’s ongoing endeavor into the mirrorless camera showcase hasn’t gone unnoticed. Indeed, Nikon discharged its Z6 and Z7 in light of them. This time, Canon is additionally coming in with its own answer, the EOS-R. A video concentrated full casing mirrorless camera.

Canon’s mirrorless shooter slots in nicely between Sony’s A7 III and A7R III and the previously mentioned Nikon cameras in terms of resolution, coming in at 30.3 megapixels. Although it’s pretty strong in some areas against the Nikons and the Sonys mentioned above, it’s a lot worse in others.

It has a water and residue verification body, tipping the scales at 660 grams with the battery. There’s one microSD card space, yet it bolsters the rapid SDXC UHS-II organize so that is an or more

The camera packs a 3.76 million dot OLED electronic viewfinder, with 100% coverage and 0.76x magnification. It can be swiveled and rotated all the way to the front, pretty useful for Vloggers or for taking a selfie. It also has an LCD at the top showing the aperture, ISO, shutter speed and other important stuff.

The sensor utilized by the EOS-R is very like the Canon 5D Mark IV with its 30.4-megapixel shooter. It comes with the Dual Pixel self-adjust framework Canon prides itself on, which would now be able to function admirably in lighting as low as EV-6. 

The ISO ranges from 100-40,000 however can be extended up to 50-102,000, missing the mark regarding the Sony A7 III yet prevailing over the Nikons. Burst mode goes up to 8 fps however it drops to 5 on the off chance that you turn the AF on, this is likewise lesser than the Sony camera which oversees 10 fps. 

It needs In Body Stabilization for recordings, yet it gets hostile to shake highlights with the 4 new RF focal points discharged close by the EOS-R.

Canon Introduced  Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

                                                                                                        Photo Source: The Verge 

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