Avocado Fruit May Help Us to Protect From Diabetes

 Scientists from the University of Medical Sciences, Iran became the authors of the study confirmed the beneficial effect of avocado in terms of protection against the development of metabolic syndrome – a condition that often precedes diabetes, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to 24apteka.com.ua

Daily intake of avocado is useful not only with the threat of metabolic syndrome but also for other health problems, said at the same time, scientific experts.
Analysts broke down information 130 logical papers, have considered the restorative properties of avocado. In the outcome they presumed that the utilization of avocado gives a great impact of bringing down levels of “terrible” cholesterol in the body, having the property to stick to the vascular divider and advance thrombosis. 
“Once in the body, minerals avocados add to a more serious generation of high-thickness lipoprotein, diminishing the convergence of “terrible” cholesterol. Fanatics of avocados, essentially decreased the danger of blood clusters,” said the creators.
In addition, scientific experts have ascertained that components of the avocado have a regulatory effect not only on cholesterol but also on the levels of phospholipids, triglycerides that affect the occurrence of problems with the condition of the heart and blood vessels, hypertension and obesity. All this also significantly reduces the risk of diabetes, said the experts.
Note that preliminary studies quality of avocado testified that its substance is able to prevent the development of cancer cells and even destroy them.

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