Apple's Self-Driving Auto Meets First Mishap In California

Apple’s Self-Driving Auto Meets First Mishap In California

Apple’s self-driving vehicles were engaged with a mischance amid the test drive in US’ California, and managed direct harm in the crash, the media reported.
Apple’s self-governing auto got into its first crash one week prior in Sunnyvale, as indicated by a report recorded by Apple with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) this week, The Verge provided details regarding Friday.
In any case, it doesn’t give the idea that Apple was to blame for the crash as the software was unblemished. Apple is as of now testing a number of Lexus SUVs in California.
According to documents released by the DMV on Friday
“An Apple test vehicle in autonomous mode was rear-ended while preparing to merge onto Lawrence Expressway South from Kifer Road,” the incident description reads.
“The Apple test vehicle was travelling less than 1mph waiting for a safe gap to complete the merge when a 2016 Nissan Leaf contacted the Apple test vehicle at approximately 15mph.
“Both vehicles sustained damage and no injuries were reported by either party.”
Apple has about 45 test self-driving vehicles in California. The organization has additionally joined forces with Volkswagen to help make autonomous employee transports for its Cupertino campus.

Source: bbc

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