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Air Hostess Fired When Her  Boyfriend Proposes Mid-Flight

A flight attendant of China Eastern Airlines reportedly lost her job, months after accepting the marriage proposal of her boyfriend during the middle of a flight. In May, a video of an unnamed man proposing to his stewardess girlfriend mid-flight had gone viral and created quite a buzz on social media. However, the proposal cost the flight attendant her job. According to an Asia One report, the company fired the employee on the grounds of neglecting the passengers.

According to a similar report, the organization felt that the mid-flight proposition was a 'reckless demonstration' that had caused an unsettling influence as well as risked the security of the voyagers. As indicated by Channel 8 on September 10, the female flight specialist got a letter advising her about her rejection over the proposition episode that happened in May. 

Back in May, about 30-minutes after the flight removed, the flight orderly's sweetheart went down on one knee and popped the inquiry, Asia One announced.

However, the people in China are divided over the firing of the flight attendant, reports Asia One. While some are supporting the stewardess stating that the firing was a tad bit extreme, others argued that it was incorrect to mix personal with professional life.

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