People Are Moving  To iOS For Better User Experience, Survey

A review led by PCMag attempts to look further into why individuals make the move from the present versatile working framework. The study was directed for Android and iOS clients essentially. 

As per the review, iOS leads the pack as the most looked for after versatile working framework for switches. 18% of the general population changed from Android to iOS. Though, 11 percent made the move from iOS to Android. 

Apple and Android have really solid working frameworks and their clients are generally faithful to the individual working frameworks. The biological community switchers however not high in number record for a decent income stream for iOS particularly. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has various occasions said that the stage containers are main thrust behind the development of iPhone. 

Here are some fascinating discoveries of the study. 29% of the clients changed to Android for a superior value for the money. 6% moved to Android for more applications and 30% made the move since they felt Android offers a superior client encounter.

On the other hand, 47% users switched to iOS in hopes of better user experience. 25% hopped because of better features like camera, user interface and overall design.

The most interesting, yet surprising to many, is the fact that 11% users switched to iOS because they felt iOS devices have better prices.

Switching an ecosystem might seem like a small move for many but in actuality, it is a pretty big move. Migration of data, contacts and backups is a difficult task. For example, in Asia, where WhatsApp is used almost by everyone for business and personal discussions. There is no easy way to move WhatsApp backups from iOS to Android or vice versa.

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