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Google's Next Chromecast Might Offer Improved Connectivity

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Google's Next Chromecast Might Offer Improved Connectivity
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Google's Next Chromecast Might Offer Improved Connectivity

It's been long time since we saw another Chromecast, so it's maybe nothing unexpected that a refreshed version is reputed to be en route: and as indicated by a filing with the FCC in the US, it ought to pack enhanced network alternatives.

In particular, the better than ever dongle will shake up with help for Bluetooth and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands (a quicker yet shorter-go wireless standard accessible on most present day routers), Variety reports.

A Chromecast with full Bluetooth usefulness was supposed back in May. The present Google Chromecast incorporates a Bluetooth chip, however it's solitary utilized amid the setup procedure – you can't utilize it to attach gaming controllers or a mouse and console, or to stream sound to the gadget.

Precisely what Google intends to do with Bluetooth bolster on the Chromecast stays to be seen. Additional peripherals appears to be likely – so you could interface up a gaming cushion and utilize the dongle as a touch of gaming gadget. Mouse and keyboard support would make exploring the menus and entering content significantly simpler as well.

Try not to anticipate that there will be numerous progressions outwardly, however: it seems as if the new Chromecast will look precisely the same as the current ones. Google as of now offers a standard 1080p Chromecast and a 4K Chromecast Ultra.

Google is arranging a mammoth hardware occasion for October 4 or something like that, where we'll most likely observe new telephones, new workstations, and possibly another Pixel-marked smartwatch as well. In light of the most recent FCC filings, a refreshed Chromecast could well be tossed in with the general mish-mash too.

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