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Doom Eternal's Official Gameplay Trailer

Bethesda topped off its QuakeCon 2018 keynote address by flaunting the first gameplay video for Doom Eternal, the spin-off of the 2016 reboot. 

The follow-up was initially declared amid the distributors E3 2018 question and answer session with an energizing true to life trailer, which was indicated by and by amid the QuakeCon keynote, before game executive Marty Stratton and innovative chief Hugo Martin showed up in front of an audience to talk about the continuation

The Slayer has had a makeover and has another weapon called the Ballista, which can skewer evil presences with a dangerous jolt and since this is Doom, it's known as the 'meathook.' 

The meathook joins to the Doomslayer's trademark twofold barrel shotgun, and it works as a quite certain sort of catching snare. Rather than connecting to specific purposes of level geometry, this catching snare can just append to enemies.

The gameplay video started with the slayer by and by putting on his head protector and actuating frameworks. He investigates the new cutting edge mounted to his left side arm, before stacking his shotgun once more. A little while later he's gazing into an enormous existence where structures are disintegrating and beasts skim around the sky. Seconds after the fact, he's hooking onto adversaries and catching around, shooting them to bits very close.

Information about the game.
  • New suit
  • The suit has a sword attachment and a grenade launcher/flamethrower attachment
  • Super Shotgun has a grappling hook attachment called the Meat Hook
  • Grapple demons like Scorpion but accelerate towards them versus pulling them to you
  • Combat Shotgun has a full automatic alt fire mode
  • New weapon, the Ballista, shoots explosive bolts that can pin demons
  • OG style Plasma Gun is back
  • DOOM SLAYER has a dash and can swing from poles a la Assassin’s Creed
  • Extra life pickups?
  • Invasions, take control of a demon and invade another player’s game a la Dark Souls
  • Non-demonized human npcs will be present
  • Multiple locations, Earth and Phobos to name two
  • New glory kills and demons
  • Reimagined demons from the last game and from Classic Doom
  • “Destructible demons” – demons will visually start losing bits of flesh and stuff as they take damage
  • idSoft are building a “DOOM universe”
  • Lots of lore
  • Game runs on idTech 7

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