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China Officials 'Faked Water Tests With Bottled Water'
China is sending investigators to Hunan province after local officials were accused of faking data at a water monitoring station, state media report.

The authorities are charged to have put sensors proposed to quantify the water nature of Lujiang River inside jugs of mineral water. 

The waterway, in Zhuzhou, is severely contaminated by sewage water, reports say. 

There is far reaching doubt that some neighborhood authorities and organizations in China disregard natural arrangements. 

The environment ministry says it is investigating in Zhuzhou and "will seriously punish" any "violations".

One monitoring sensor was even placed in a cup of tea instead of the Lujiang River, Xinhua news agency says.

Water monitoring currently takes place at 2,050 sites in the country, China Daily reports.

The Chinese government has pledged to enhance its endeavors to screen and battle contamination - yet there keeps on being worry about air and water quality in China.

In 2016, one government report said more than 80% of rural wells in the north-east contained water unsafe for drinking.

More than 80% of rural wells in China's north-east contain water unsafe for drinking, water ministry officials say.

But they insisted that the water being supplied to urban areas across the country was still safe.

The figures come amid rising concerns for the environment affecting water and air quality, with the government seeking to cut down on pollution.

Much of that focus is targeted on the industrial north, which is one of the country's most heavily polluted areas.

The water ministry last week released a report (in Chinese) showing most of the samples drawn from over 2,000 shallow underground wells in the north and east in 2015 were of poor quality:
  • More than 30% were of Grade IV quality, which is suitable only for industrial and agricultural use
  • Nearly 50% were Grade V, which is water unfit for human consumption of any type

Meanwhile, a separate 2017 government survey found more than 13,000 companies in China failed to meet environmental standards.

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