Casio Smart Watch Pro Trek WSD F30 Review

Casio has put over the most recent two years making smartwatches that are intended for undertakings, and 2018’s emphasis of the Pro Trek Smart WSD F go is a more refined variant of that range. 

It doesn’t appear to be amazingly unique to the last age watch and it accompanies a couple of refinements that may make it the ideal look for your next donning experience. 

In case you’re a novice Ethan Hunt-type that needs to be all over the place observing your area and wellness details yet additionally don’t need an effectively delicate bit of wristwear, you may give the most recent from Casio a shot.

Specs and features

The latest watch from Casio comes with the latest version of Google’s Wear OS software onboard, which means you’ll be able to download apps from the Play Store while also using it with either iPhone or Android.

Wear OS is a much more mature platform now, and the Casio will be one of the first watches to come with the new design tweaks out of the box that were just announced by Google.
It also comes preloaded with apps like Zombies Run, Hole19 and MySwimPro that are optimized directly for the watch. Whether that means these apps run better on the Casio than other Wear OS devices remains to be seen.
The mapping technology on the Casio watches is perhaps the most remarkable feature, and again it looks to be impressive here. Sure, you can use Google Maps… but Casio has put on its own mapping tech too.
This should give you a super accurate location of where you’re standing when you cellular signal, and if you think you’ll be out running and lose signal half way round you can always download maps directly to your watch to use whenever you want.

Battery life

Here’s a major change for the F30, yet remember everything on battery is presently just claims from Casio and we won’t have the capacity to confirm this data until the point that we try out the watch later in the year. 
Notice :
You have three distinctive battery modes – Casio says the principle typical mode that tracks your area on the web and offers te full experience will keep going for around multi day and a half. Regardless of whether that will be the situation with regular use stays to be seen. 
In case you’re off on a major enterprise and need the battery to remain around for more, you can download your maps disconnected and have simple access to them in a mode called broaden mode that will take into account three long stretches of use. 
Also in case you’re OK with constraining your highlights, you can place it into monochrome mode that will consider 30 long periods of use from a solitary charge. Here you’ll currently additionally get the time and different details and in addition compass, gauge and altimeter results.

Design and display 

Casio manufactured this thing in light of the strong explorer. The WSD F30 is a rough bit of unit, and keeping in mind that it may not resemble a particularly sturdy gadget it is intended to have military review insurance so it ought to survive some intense thumps and tumbles. 
It’s waterproof too with up to 50-meters water opposition. These highlights are all the better when you’re out climbing rockfaces and the various daredevilry you’ll be doing with this watch, however it is a thick bit of unit to fit the majority of the tech in. 
This feels especially vast on the wrist, and we don’t know it’s something you’d need to wear throughout the day ordinary considering how huge and overwhelming it is. The measurements are 49.1mm x 53.8mm x 14.9mm, which is clearly bigger than your normal smartwatch. 
On the off chance that you’ve utilized the Pro Trek WSD extend before you’ll see it’s significantly littler here with the breadth of the watch itself just about 4mm littler and the thickness being around 0.4mm more slender too.
Casio Smart Watch Pro Trek WSD F30 Review
Casio Smart Watch Pro Trek WSD F30 Review
                                                                                                                                                      Source: TechRadar

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