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Boy Found Handcuffed As Judge Raids Lock-Up In Larkana

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Boy Found Handcuffed As Judge Raids Lock-Up In Larkana
(Image Source : Dawn)
LARKANA: A young man was discovered cuffed and kept in unlawful imprisonment on the premises of the Dari police headquarters of Larkana when a common judge led an assault to recoup a man, confined by the SHO concerned purportedly to settle an old score. 

As per a source, both the people were discovered confined at the SHO's private quarter, situated on the premises of the police headquarters. 

The assault was led by common judge and third legal officer Zafarullah Jakhrani in consistence with a request of Larkana's locale and sessions judge. 

The request was issued on an application documented by Mashooq Kharos, an occupant of Baitul Mal Colony, through his legal counselor Abid Abro under Section 491 of the Criminal Procedure Code. 

The candidate expressed that his sibling, Ashiq Kharos, had been kept in illicit control by SHO Fida Hussain Langah for 14 days. 

The candidate's legal counselor, Abid Abro, educated the court that Ashiq Kharos was gotten by Dari police in an attack on his home and kept in unlawful imprisonment. He charged that the SHO's demonstration was gone for settling an old score with the casualty. 

The sessions judge delegated Judicial Magistrate Zafarullah Jakhrani as the attack official and requested him to pay an unexpected visit to the police headquarters and recuperate Ashiq Kharos in the event that he was discovered confined there. 

The JM conformed to the request and discovered Ashiq Kharos, and in addition the young man, Imran Brohi, bound and kept in a bolt up on the premises of the police headquarters, which likewise houses the SHO's private quarter. 

The assault magistrate requested SHO Fida Hussain Langah to show up before the region and sessions judge Larkana on Wednesday (Aug 15) alongside the important record relating to detainment of the two people. 

The strike chief likewise checked the station's journal and requested that the obligation officer create record of the two people's capture. The officer neglected to create any record in regards to the kid's detainment however demonstrated a section relating to capture of Ashiq Kharos at times enrolled against him. He guaranteed that Kharos was fleeing in the cases. 

The applicant's legal advisor charged that Ashiq Kharos was captured at the command of a policeman, at present posted at the Rehmatpur police headquarters, just to get an old case settled with him. 

The JM requested prompt arrival of Imran Brohi while Ashiq Kharos was created in the court of fourth legal judge Imtiaz Khilji, who remanded him in prison guardianship. 

Addressing this journalist, SSP Shabbir Sethar said that "the kid was caught in the act while endeavoring to lift a motorbike". 

"City ASP Babar Jawed Joya has, nonetheless, been endowed to investigate the kid's detainment," he stated, and included that anybody discovered blameworthy in such manner would be managed as per law. 

Ace Imran, who lives close Bambar Wah (water system channel), told neighborhood correspondents while going through the city's edges that the SHO had gotten and continued blaming him for being associated with robbery cases. 

He said policemen beat him up and undermined to shoot him in the knees on the off chance that he continued denying the charge.

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