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Apple Dual-Sim iPhone Rumors Confirmed

Different sound gossipy tidbits, alongside stray iOS 12 beta code, recommend that Apple is getting ready to convey double SIM card support to the iPhone out of the blue with the current year's new models. The remiss expansion of the component would be a bit of amazing on the grounds that Apple doesn't appear to be excessively enchanted with SIM cards in any case.

Dual-SIM phones have been around in various iterations for nearly two decades, including some wild devices that pretty much amounted to duct-taping two phones together. But the idea really started to take off in the mid-to-late 2000s, when small Chinese manufacturers started to produce phones that really delivered on the concept of one device with two SIM cards that could be used at the same time.

For what reason would anybody need that? In locales where individuals tended to purchase opened phone inside and out as opposed to on sponsored bearer gets, the principle advantage was generally that you could abstain from wandering expenses. In China, telephone numbers have for some time been fixing to your neighborhood area. For instance, in the event that you moved from Beijing to Shanghai, you would need to get another SIM card. Until a year ago, Chinese transporters additionally charged meandering charges and made long-remove residential calls more costly. Double SIM gadgets enabled individuals to get around these issues with negligible complain. Europeans likewise needed to manage higher expenses when crossing fringes until the point that the EU controlled and eventually canceled wandering charges.

Of course, this is Apple, so you never really know what’s going to happen until everything is announced onstage, which seems likely to take place in the next two weeks or so. Maybe Apple will bring dual-SIM support to multiple regions, after all. Maybe there will be some sort of solution involving an embedded Apple SIM and the traditional slot. What does seem clear is that Apple plans to address the concerns of at least some customers who want more control over the carriers they use — and, for now, that might just mean China.

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