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Apple-1 For Auction | Expected To Acquire More Than $400,000

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Apple-1 For Auction | Expected To Acquire More Than $400,000

The Apple 1 is a famous bit of the organization. The principal desktop at any point built by co-founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs between 1976 and 77, the model in the end turned into the Apple Mac years later. Expected to acquire $400,000.

Apple-1 For Auction | Expected To Acquire More Than $400,000

A completely practical Apple-1 PC, only one of 60 accepted to in any case exist, is going available to be purchased one month from now. Only 200 were initially delivered by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1976 and 77  sold at The Byte Shop PC store in Mountain View, California. The match sold around 175 of them altogether, yet just 60 are accepted to stay available for use. 

The one that goes available to be purchased one month from now is extraordinary in light of the fact that it's been reestablished to working request. 

This Apple-1 computer was restored to its original, operational state in June 2018 by Apple-1 expert Corey Cohen, and a video of it running and functioning is available upon request. A comprehensive, technical condition report prepared by Cohen is available to qualified bidders; he evaluates the current condition of the unit as 8.5/10. The most remarkable aspect of this Apple-1 computer is that it is documented to be fully operational: the system was operated without fault for approximately eight hours in a comprehensive test.

As the site demonstrates, the PC is being sold with all the first things it accompanied - everything from the equipment to printed manuals.
  • Original Apple-1 board
  • Original Apple Cassette Interface (ACI)
  • Original Apple-1 Operation Manual
  • Two original Apple Cassette Interface manuals
  • A period surplus ASCII keyboard
  • A period ‘open frame’ Sanyo 4205 video monitor
  • A new period-style power supply with original Apple-1 power cable and connector
  • Period cassette interface cables
RR sell off has worked with Apple I master Corey Cohen to give the framework a 8.5 rating. Another Apple I that was insured under a glass cover for the majority of its life got a 9.5. The close flawless machine sold for $905,000 in 2014 to the Henry Ford historical center.

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