Advancement of Science and Technology is compulsory  for the nation's improvement, Caretaker PM
Overseer Prime Minister Justice (r) Nasirul Mulk said the advancement of science and innovation is critical for the financial improvement of the nation. 

He said there is a vital requirement for more noteworthy joint effort among the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education and pertinent common bodies for refreshing the educational module to make it breakthrough and more important to the present needs of the time. The PM communicated these perspectives at the PM house while giving a preparation on the capacities and accomplishments of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Meanwhile, Minister for Science and Technology Muhammad Yusuf Shaikh, Secretary to the Prime Minister Suhail Aamir, Science and Technology Secretary Yasmin Masood and senior government officials were present during the meeting. The Science and Technology Secretary also briefed the prime minister about the mandate and performance of various organizations of the ministry in different sectors, including academics, policy formulation, research and development, regulation and promotion of inter-governmental cooperation in the field of science and technology.

PM was also briefed about various initiatives of the ministry of science and technology, including Research Productivity Award (RPA) to encourage young scientists, National Science Talent Farming Programme for granting scholarships to the talented students for a period of five years, and the establishment of Precision Systems Training Centers in various cities of the country.
PM Mulk commended the performance of the ministry and underlined the need for a robust mechanism of cooperation among all the stakeholders of the country to ensure quality and standards of health-related equipment which are being developed and utilized in the country.

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