Pakistan: Opposition Leaders Sans Shahbaz Sharif Lead Protest Against ‘Rigging’ In Islamabad

Image source: Dawn Opposition parties held a protest showing outside the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in Islamabad on Wednesday against asserted gear in the July 25 general decisions. PML-N Chairman Shahbaz Sharif, be that as it may, was not in participation.  The PML-N administrator couldn’t travel to Islamabad from […]

IGN Deletes Review Following Plagiarism Claim

IGN Deletes Review Following Plagiarism Claim IGN’s review of indie title Dead Cells has been expelled from the site temporarily, pending an examination concerning claims it counterfeited a Youtube review of the game. The allegation was conveyed to the fore by Boomstick Gaming, a channel with 12,000 endorsers, which posted […]