Twitter is moving the navigation bar to the base of its Android application 

Twitter’s Android application has dependably offered a navigation bar for exchanging between the Feed, Search, Notifications, and Direct Messages. Generally, as relatively every other application, it was set at the highest point of the screen. Be that as it may, after Google presented a base navigation bar in Material Design rules, numerous applications have exchanged. Today, Twitter joined the gathering, as well. With the most recent update. Individuals are somewhat annoyed right now. Trust me, however, you’ll develop to love it, particularly in the event that you have a bigger telephone.

Having the navigation bar at the base should make it simpler to explore through the application, particularly on bigger gadgets. There is one drawback to this, however. Presently, users won’t have the accommodation of essentially swiping between Home, Search, Notifications, and Messages tabs.

Photo Credit: droid-life
As per 9to5Google, there are two tabs for notices now, which comprise of All and Mentions. The application enables you to just swipe between them. In conclusion, direct messages will now display a message request count right at the top of the screen.
As per xda-developers, Twitter announced the update on their own platform toward the beginning of today. It’s a server-side update , so you don’t need to manually update or sideload an updated version. In the event that you haven’t gotten the update yet, simply hold up somewhat more and it will be accessible or restart the application if it’s running in the background.

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