Top Pakistani Tech Mentors You Should Know About Right Now
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 Nabeel Qadeer 

The multi-skilled person is a noteworthy piece of profoundly fruitful activities, for example, Innovation locale 92, a hatchery for new companies and Idea Croron ka, an engaging TV demonstrate that conveys seeking business visionaries to financial specialists. This current person’s record isn’t for the individuals who are easygoing about building a startup. This one is for the individuals who are fixated on building a startup and need to be effective in this interest. Nabeel assumed an instrumental part in setting up PITB’s entrepreneurial wings. 

Twitter: @nabeelaq 

Maria Umar 

Maria Umar is committed to working for ladies strengthening in the nearby tech and startup biological community. She is an originator of Women Digital League, an association that works towards improving PC aptitudes of ladies in Pakistan. She additionally directs #shemeansbusiness workshops that are planned to give ladies a superior comprehension of internet based life stages and how to utilize them for advancing business. Maria isn’t hesitant to talk her brain and get down on about horse crap. Which is the reason, we would suggest following her. 

Twitter: @MariaUmar 

Nighat Dad 

Nighat Dad is a legal counselor and the organizer of Non-benefit association, Digital Rights foundation. She is globally acclaimed for her commitment to enable ladies to remain secure on advanced stages. She was named in TIME magazine’s rundown of cutting edge pioneers for making it simple for ladies in Pakistan to look for help with respect to online badgering. In this way, take after her and get a consistent dosage of motivation to accomplish something BIG in tech and Cyber-security space. The woman is prevalently known to be a women’s activist for recognizing the part of ladies and acknowledging and supporting them by the entirety of her methods. 

Twitter: @nighatdad 

Benje Williams 

Benje Williams is the CEO of Amal Academy, a training startup that helps understudies with their vocation objectives and shines their aptitudes to enable them to locate a superior employment. He likewise as of late began a digital recording named ‘Building Pakistan with Benje’ with meetings of Pakistan’s best business visionaries to share their stories. His twitter account merits following on the off chance that you require genuine startup shrewdness, some serviceable profession guidance and on the off chance that you are an admirer of nature, tail him as he posts a great deal of excellent photographs of the characteristic excellence of Pakistan consistently. 

 Ayesha Khanna 

Ayesha Khanna has over a time of involvement in exhorting customers on innovation and data investigation framework in Wall Street. She is the CEO of computerized reasoning warning firm, ADDO AI. The organization began somewhat more than multi year back and inside a limited capacity to focus time, it has openend workplaces in Singapore, Dubai, Phillippines, and Pakistan. Ayesha Khanna has been prompting governments in various nations on how they can enhance their current framework with the assistance of AI. She is likewise the originator of 21 C young ladies, a philanthropy that plans to instruct young ladies coding. In this way, for those of you who are intrigued to comprehend AI better, take after the master. 

Yusuf Hussain 

Yusuf is a blessed messenger speculator, a business visionary and furthermore the CEO of Ignite. He tweets about updates in the neighborhood business as well as universal articles on rising points, for example, machine learning. Yusuf is assuming an instrumental part in helping the adolescent outfit with the most recent rising advancements. He has been in charge of a few vital entrepreneurial activities in Pakistan like setting up of National Incubation Centers the nation over, preparing 1M youth for outsourcing and an administration supported VC store to enable new companies to develop. In the event that you are occupied with Pakistani tech space, he is the man you can’t pass up a great opportunity! 

Twitter: @angelspakistan 

Faisal Sherjan 

He is the executive of National Incubation Center Lahore. He has likewise beforehand filled in as the Director at Interflow interchanges and as a COO interior division at GEO organize. So the information and experience he has is unparalleled and exceptionally rich. Aside from having colossal information of media, advanced media, and nearby startup industry, Faisal Sherjan is a significant limit fellow who essentially talks his heart out and does not stress on the off chance that somebody dislike his perspectives. He appears like a man who won’t change his feelings just to please somebody. 

Twitter: @fsherjan 

 Umar Saif 

Umar Saif is the Chairman of Punjab Information Technology Board and furthermore fills in as the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology University. Umar is an eager tweeter and keeps the devotees refreshed with the tech activities being received by various government divisions. In spite of the fact that a bustling man, he reacts to his adherents too. On the off chance that you are occupied with urban development, e-administration or how enormous information can be utilized as a part of enhancing the productivity of government divisions, Umar will be the correct individual to take after. 

Twitter: @umarsaif

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