Thieves steal Apple products worth $27000 from this Apple store

A surveillance video in Apple store located in Fashion Fair mall in Fresno shows a bunch of thieves walking smoothly in Apple store and taking away 26 devices that were worth $27000 in total. This group of men literally took a few seconds to pick up the devices and then ran out of the store.

The CCTV footage shows a group of men wearing hoodies and quickly picking up Laptops and phones from displays while the staff and customers watched. While these men try to escape with the products, a man is shown trying to stop the but they push him aside and move out of the store.
There is no weapon that they took out while the terrific robbery occurred yet it is reasonable that no staff part attempted to stop them since they dreaded the hoodlums may take out the weapon and assault them. 
The Fresno Police office told a news source that comparable takeover robberies have occurred in some different urban communities in California in this way, they are attempting to associate these.

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