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There May Be No Samsung Galaxy S11 | However There Could Be A Galaxy S20

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There May Be No Samsung Galaxy S11 | However There Could Be A Galaxy S20

Keep in mind the Huawei P10? Keep in mind that we were all sitting tight for the P11, and rather we got the P20 and the P20 Pro? Chief Richard Yu said that the new form was vastly improved than the P10 to legitimize utilizing an incremental (one-digit higher) number to assign the model.

Presented recall the story that broke yesterday, the one disclosing to you that we won't not see more Galaxy S gadgets after the Galaxy S10. While it is absolutely workable for Samsung to supplant the line-up with something else (foldable, Note-like, and so forth.), it is additionally feasible for them to change their naming tradition.

We've seen the organization do that before: on August 24, 2011, Samsung presented the S group of items (S remains in Super Smart) as an official gadget naming tradition, close by R, W, M, and Y. It happened once, it could happen once more.

Samsung has trademarked the Samsung A10, A30, A50, A70 and A90 monikers in South Korea, and the European Union. This implies after the Samsung Galaxy A8, we may see an A10, A30, et cetera. 

On the off chance that this data is of any significance to Samsung's feasible arrangements, there will undoubtedly be no Galaxy S11, yet a Galaxy S20 rather, trailed by a Galaxy S30, et cetera.

Keep in mind: the present Galaxy S9, and the forthcoming Galaxy Note 9 will stamp the remainder of these models assigned by a solitary digit. Consequently, changing the naming tradition, if arranged, could occur at this extremely advantageous minute in time, and in 2020 we may see a Galaxy S20. 

There are additionally a few voices that trust Samsung may additionally disentangle gadget names: Samsung A30, Samsung S40, and so on., however this would infer dumping the Galaxy mark.

Samsung puts colossal endeavors in building the Galaxy mark into an effective one (to the point where everybody discusses "the new Galaxy"), which is the reason we surmise that this situation is profoundly impossible.

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