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The 'House Rules' 2018 Grand Finalists Revealed

The 'House Rules' 2018 Grand Finalists Revealed

The House Rules 2018 thousand finalists have been reported after an exceptionally enthusiastic uncover. 

Following the redesign of Chelsea and Koa's home by Mel and Dave, Toad and Mandy and Chiara and David's, judges Wendy Moore, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Drew Heath came back to Home Base to give their decisions. 

Amphibian and Mandy were the first to anchor their spot in the finals, trailed by Mel and Dave. 

Lamentably, Chiara and David were sent home. 

In a nearby race, Mel and Dave were given a 24 out of 30, Toad and Mandy were likewise given a 24 out of 30, while Chiara and David just got 20 out of 30. 

"Crushed. 150 million percent crushed," David said of their end. 

"We completed out knowing we've our closest to perfect with it, and for Chelsea and Koa," he includes. "That is the high we'll go out on." 

It presently boils down to either Mel and Dave or Toad and Mandy to take out the opposition and bring home the astounding $355,000 prize cash. 

The House Rules Grand Final pretense Monday, 7:30pm, on Channel Seven. 

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