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Samsung’s New 7nm Mobile Processor to Break 3 GHz Mark

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Samsung’s New 7nm Mobile Processor to Break 3 GHz Mark

Samsung's most recent public statement discusses its association with ARM – a notable name in the processor business – saying that it has figured out how to break the 3 GHz speed stamp with its new 7nm chipsets. 

It will before long dispatch these chips, alongside 5nm SoCs for its future cell phones that are more power productive, littler in measure, and quicker than previously. 

The 7nm LPP (Low Power Plus) SoCs will enter generation in the not so distant future. Samsung's up and coming Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) lithography process will likewise be prepared toward the beginning of the following year, which will permit the creation of 5nm processors that will be considerably speedier than the ongoing 7nm ones.

More Efficient

The upcoming processors will consume 40 percent less power, as compared to the current A75 10nm CPUs with 2.8 GHz clock speed, and will be able to run at 3.0 GHz. These SoCs have been dubbed “laptop-class”, so they are highly likely to also come with Windows computers in the future.
As AI features, machine learning, and other AR applications become more common, smart devices have become more and more demanding. That’s exactly why most developers are looking for better, more powerful SoCs that can be fitted in the small footprints of most smartphones, and also to be efficient enough to work along with their small batteries.

No Compatibility Issues

As for the Cortex-A76, it will only support 64-bit kernel codes. However, it will be able to support 32-bit apps as well. So there won’t be any compatibility issues and it will be fairly easy for the company to switch to the latest SoC, which will be paired with a Mali G76 GPU.
Also, Samsung is set to launch its upcoming S10 flagships. The lineup could be the first in the world to be powered by the new 7nm chips.

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