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Rainbow Six Siege Is Banning Players For Using Slurs

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Rainbow Six Siege Is Banning Players For Using Slurs
Cover Photo Credit: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Is Banning Players For Using Slurs

Toxicity and abusive language is an issue that relatively every vast multiplayer game where players speak with each different countenances, and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is no exemption. All things considered, Ubisoft has made another stride in addressing issues. Ubisoft is auto-banning Rainbow Six Siege players who use hate speech.

Ubisoft initially laid out the more stringent ban methods in a dev blog back in April, where the designer additionally guaranteed to actualize better protections against team killing, the capacity to quiet text talk, and a computerized chat filtering system that would control indecent or potentially hostile words. The present system doesn't appear to really blue pencil the language, however bans players not long after submitting the offense.

Recently players started reporting that Ubisoft was hitting them with programmed and instant bans after utilizing a supremacist or homophobic slur by means of the in-game's text chat. Since these underlying reports, Ubisoft has confirmed to PC Gamer this is an aftereffect of a banning system that as of late went live in the game to address this very issue.

As per the Siege Code of Conduct.

Temporary bans will be implemented as follows: First offense: 30 minutes temporary ban, Second offense: 2 hours temporary ban, Third Offense: 2 hours temporary ban, After three offenses: an investigation will be conducted and may lead to a permanent ban (maximum penalty).

It's extraordinary to see a major developer finds a way to end the toxicity that has tormented online servers for almost insofar as they've been around. With any luck, other developers will observe and actualize comparative ban approaches for players that break their particular rules.

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