Pakistan Ranked In Top 25 Most Powerful Countries
The US News and World Report agency has released the list of countries with the most influence globally.

The media office consolidated a few components to order nations on how much say they have in worldwide issues. 

Y&R’s BAV Group and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania characterized the parameters that were utilized to rank the nations. 

As much as 65 credits were recognized to compute the score of every nation as far as its impact at the worldwide level.


Over 21,000 people participated in the survey and assessed  countries in the list against each attribute.
All of the attributes were divided into nine subcategories and their weights were specified as well. These include:
  • Adventure (3.24%),
  • Citizenship (16.95%,
  • Cultural Influence (12.93%),
  • Entrepreneurship (17.42%),
  • Heritage (3.17%),
  • Movers (10.00%),
  • Open for Business (11.99%),
  • Power (7.42%)
  • Quality of Life (16.89%).
The report then adds that “these scores were normalized to account for outliers and transformed into a scale that could be compared across the board.”

Top 25 Countries

Here are the top 25 countries when it comes to power:
  1. The United States of America: The country has the world’s largest defense budget and a total GDP f $18.9 trillion,
  2. Russia: Russia has a GDP of $1.3 trillion,
  3. China: The world’s biggest country in terms of the population comes third on the list and has a GDP of $11.2 trillion,
  4. Germany: Germans are 4th on the list with $3.5 trillion GDP,
  5. The United Kingdom: UK has a GDP of $2.6 trillion and stands at 5th on the list,
  6. France: GDP: $2.5 trillion,
  7. Japan: GDP: $4.9 trillion,
  8. Israel: GDP: $318.7 billion,
  9. Saudi Arabia: GDP: $646.4 billion,
  10. The United Arab Emirates: GDP: $348.7 billion,
  11. South Korea: GDP: $1.4 trillion,
  12. Canada: GDP: $1.5 trillion,
  13. Iran: GDP: $393.4 billion,
  14. Turkey: GDP: $857.7 billion,
  15. India: GDP: $2.3 trillion,
  16. Australia: GDP: $1.2 trillion,
  17. Switzerland: GDP: $659.8 billion,
  18. Italy: GDP: $1.8 trillion,
  19. Sweden: GDP: $511.0 billion,
  20. Qatar, GDP: $152.5 billion,
  21. Netherlands: GDP: $770.8 billion,
  22. Pakistan: GDP: $283.7 billion,
  23. Spain: GDP: $1.2 trillion,
  24. Singapore: GDP: $297 billion,
  25. Egypt: GDP: $336.3 billion.

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