Google AdSense Celebrates 15 Years With A Video Titled "15 Words To Sum Up 15 Years".
Cover Photo: YouTube/Google AdSense

Google AdSense Celebrates 15 Years With A Video Titled “15 Words To Sum Up 15 Years”.

In case you’re an AdSense publisher, you’ve likely seen some celebratory inflatables flying through your dashboard early today. That is on the grounds that Google is observing AdSense’s fifteenth birthday celebration.
For those who don’t know about AdSense, AdSense is Google’s advertising monetization platform that enables publishers to put advertisements on their website to produce income.

Google commend the birthday by making an extraordinary video that tells all the most vital things regarding Adsense, platform, and value of Adsense to site owners in the video titled “15 words to sum up 15 years”.

It underlines that the income produced using the unique service has helped numerous satisfy their dreams , for example, weddings, purchase homes and hire new teams.
Featuring that AdSense is genuinely worldwide, Google makes special mention of languages such as Urdu, Japanese and French among the 45 and counting “spoken” by the service.

As indicated by reports, Google AdSense is used by Over 14.3 million websites. Google’s parent organization, Alphabet, posted incomes of $31.1 billion in Q1 of 2018, of which $26.6 billion was gotten from advertising services of which $4.6 billion was gotten displaying advertisements on partners’ websites.

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