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Fortnite Halloween Costumes Are Coming To Retailers

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Fortnite Halloween Costumes Are Coming To Retailers
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Fortnite Halloween Costumes Are Coming To Retailers

This was unavoidable: Fortnite Halloween outfits are headed. Retailers Spirit Halloween and Spencer's have finished a deal with Epic Games for "a range of officially licensed" Fortnite costumes, and additionally embellishments and gear in view of the brand.

The available things on Spirit Halloween and Spencer's sites incorporate grown-up and kids' costumes in light of skins, for example, the Black Knight, Crackshot, Dark Voyager, Skull Trooper, and Cuddle Team Leader. You can likewise buy essential, rainbow smash, and party animal pickaxes, and additionally a light-up boogie bomb that additionally plays sound

Go to Spirit Halloween and Spencer's to see a full once-over of their Fortnite stock. You can pre-order items presently, yet supply isn't expected to hit stores until early October. Furthermore, Spirit Halloween and Spencer's official Kym Sarkos said in an announcement that the retailers will include significantly more Fortnite things not far off.

"A big part of Fortnite is letting players come together and express themselves in the game. Partnering with Spirit Halloween and Spencer's means they can take that to the next level, and we couldn't be more excited," Epic co-founder Mark Rein said in a statement. 

"Fortnite fans will be able to don their favorite costume skins preparing for epic battles in official gear and accessories," said Kym Sarkos, Executive Vice President of Spirit Halloween and Spencer's. "Dance battles, gaming with friends and cosplaying are only the beginning. We will continue to add detailed replica products for Fortnite fanatics, so be sure to keep an eye out for additional supply drops."

The arrangement between Spirit Halloween, Spencer's, and Epic was expedited by IMG. Terms of the arrangement were not revealed.

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