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Facebook Was Secretly Building An Internet Satellite Named Athena

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Facebook Was Secretly Building An Internet Satellite Named Athena

According to the documenting with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that was uncovered last May, it was featured the web-based social networking mammoth was clandestinely intending to dispatch its own web satellite. In any case, around then, Facebook stayed quiet about the task yet now the organization has made it official that its satellite-based web venture, 'Athena' is in truth a work in progress by its backup PointView Tech.

Facebook told CNET and Wired, “While we have nothing to share about specific projects at this time, we believe satellite technology will be an important enabler of the next generation of broadband infrastructure, making it possible to bring broadband connectivity to rural regions where internet connectivity is lacking or non-existent.”   
As aforementioned, not much has been shared regarding the project but according to the emails obtained from the FCC by Wired, the firm looks quite eager to bring the internet to all parts of the world, as such it stated the Athena could possibly be launched in early 2019.

Also, the new venture is accounted for to give 10 times quicker broadband network than satellites from its adversaries, to be specific SpaceX and OneWeb. Discussing which, these two tech firms have comparable plans as the primary specified focuses to hurl 12,000 of its web satellites – Starlinks to the low Earth circle (LEO). While the last organization which is sponsored by SoftBank, Qualcomm and Virgin Group plan to give worldwide broadband scope through 2,500 web satellites supposedly. 
Some time ago, Facebook close down its task of sun based fueled web conveying rambles because of its choice to quit producing its own air ship and concentrating on building a high elevation stage in collaboration with Airbus. Presently, we should hold up a bit to perceive how the organization contends with its adversary and add to bringing the overall web get to.

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