Chromebooks Will Get A Video Editing Capabilities With Adobe's Project Rush
Cover Credit: Adobe Creative Cloud

Chromebooks Will Get A Video Editing Capabilities With Adobe’s Project Rush 

One of the biggest drawbacks of Chromebooks is the absence of intense video editing apps. But that is going to change with Adobe’s Project Rush.
Project Rush combines editing tools from Premier Pro, motion effects from After Effects and audio processing from Audition into a comprehensive video editing app. Videos are synced to the cloud, so you can work on them wherever you happen to be. The major breakthrough with Rush is that it is built from the ground up to be fully functional on mobile devices along with Windows and Mac machines.
Simply making an Adobe ID and signing into the application will enable clients to download active tasks from Adobe’s cloud storage. There is no word on the independent estimating of the application, however it has been affirmed that it will be a piece of the Adobe Creative Cloud platform which offers the greater part of Adobe’s applications on a membership basis.

Image: Adobe
Rush will have an Android application, however will it take a shot at a Chromebook? Android Central reports that Ant Pruitt from Tech Republic talked with Adobe and discovered the appropriate response is yes, Chromebooks that run Android applications “will have the capacity to effortlessly use Project Rush”.
A dispatch date for Rush hasn’t been reported. The application is as of now in beta and you can join in if you’d like to get involved.
Project Rush looks encouraging and the capacity to run it on a Chromebook is exciting. People frequently reprimand the abilities of Chromebooks with regards to efficiency applications, and Project Rush may give it the edge it requirements for individuals to think about Google’s PCs over tablets or Windows/Mac OS PCs.

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