Always Buy A Waterproof iPhone Case | iPhone 7 Survives Two Day 30-Foot Submergence

Apple has attempted to guarantee your telephone can make due in the profundities of 1m for up to 30 minutes, however, in the event that you get your iPhone wet and it quits working, that is on you. 
That is the reason it’s constantly insightful to get a waterproof case in case you’re arranging any amphibian experiences.
A scuba diver this week was staggered to make a disclosure on a plunge off the shore of Dorset, England-a lost iPhone that lit up when a content came through. 
As per The Daily Mirror, and arranged different reports, diver Cerys Hearsey saw something illuminating on the seabed approximately 30 feet down from the water. It was an iPhone, in a waterproof case, accepting an instant message.
After coming back to the surface with her, discover, Hearsey looked through the contacts. The proprietor lives in Canada, however, lost the telephone on a kayaking campaign. The cousin of the proprietor was resolved to be Rob Smith, a UK occupant. 
Hershey returned it to Smith, and the iPhone is being come back to the proprietor through worldwide mail. The cousin, who thought the telephone was lost for good after the two-day dunk is getting it back, as well as a reward got the chance to be a piece of a worldwide news story.
The phone is an iPhone 7, as per the Sun. While the make and model of the waterproof case are obscure, it positively did its activity in this occurrence. AppleInsider proposes that the case maker contact Smith, as it shows up the following advertisement duplicate for the case is as of now composed.

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