AgileBits Rejects Rumor Apple Is Purchasing 1Password
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AgileBits Rejects Rumor Apple Is Purchasing 1Password

Is Apple purchasing 1Password? BGR supposes they may be, perhaps! The source of this gossip is a feature from the site that incorporates “acquisition talks underway” in an anecdote about Apple employees receiving 1Password memberships as a work liven.
Jeff Shiner, the CEO of AgileBits, was overheard discussing the “Apple acquisition” in the glass conference room in the organization’s Toronto office as of late, however, we have no firm points of interest on what the setting was or a specifics of the potential arrangement.
There’s that in addition to Apple working out a deal with AgileBits to incorporate 1Password enrollments as a liven for all employees (and by augmentation, their families). BGR says it has heard that AgileBits gains between $5 million to $10 million in income every year and would cost a few times that add up to purchase.
So employees have a pleasant new liven, 1Password’s CEO may have been looking at being purchased by Apple, and BGR recommends the arrangement could be “kicking the tires” however the report is extremely simply making the inquiries — not making any claim!
Props to the report for finding out about the new Apple worker liven, yet I don’t know it illuminates Apple purchasing 1Password any more than Apple purchases different applications and services in a similar program.
AgileBits said in a tweet from its 1Password account that it has not been procured and plans to stay independent. The organization’s announcement does not address regardless of whether acquisition talks occurred.

Source: 9to5mac

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