BlackBerry used to rule the cell phone market over 10 years prior. Its flip phones, contact and-sort models alongside the customary QWERTY mobile phones were the main discussion of the road. By the beginning of the principal decade of the 21st century, BlackBerry had basically ceased to exist. Their market had contracted fundamentally and item improvement was close to a deadlock. All things considered, not any longer.

BlackBerry is set to release a new phone, the BlackBerry Key 2 next week. The Key 2 is the successor to the KeyONE, which was released last year. The Key 2 is set to be officially unveiled on 7th June at an event in New York. However, to the joy of consumers worldwide, a few press renders of the phone have been leaked onto social media, showing the new model.

(Image source Andriod central)

Evan Blass has tweeted the renders on his twitter account. The new phone is strikingly like its antecedent, the KeyONE. There is a substantial touch-screen show matched with a physical console. There is a capacitive route bar for the activity of the Android-based touchscreen show over the physical console.

(Image source Evan Blass)

The Key 2 is likely to feature a 4.5-inch display, similar to its predecessor. One of the most major upgrades is the processor. The manufacturer of the phone, TCL, has upgraded the Key 2 to a Snapdragon 660 from the Snapdragon 625 processor.

One of the principal features of this mobile phone is the capacity to pick between the physical console and the on-screen console. Apparently there is just a little measure of individuals who’d favor utilizing the little physical console however the decision to pick between them two is probably going to speak to a huge parcel of buyers.
The phone’s back has been given a black textured finish. Additionally, the BlackBerry logo has been stamped on the back along with a dual camera setup.
Here are all the Specs of key 2.

(Image source Evan Blass)

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