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Uber's approach for conquering Europe includes less cars and more electric bicycles

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Image Source: Uber

Europe hasn't been a simple market for Uber, which confronted different issues in numerous urban areas in the district. Most as of late, the company lost the permit to work in London, one of its most critical bases in Europe.

Yet, Uber has another plot for Europe that has ride-sharing at its center. It's not cars that Uber might want you to share, yet bicycles. What's more, an extraordinary sort of bicycles, but rather the electric assortment, which should offer you a quick approach to get around town.

Uber's on-demand electric bicycle service will launch in Berlin Bloomberg reports, with extra markets to take after.

Uber purchased electric bicycle company Jump back in April, which was the organization's first buy since Dara Khosrowshahi assumed control.

"When you get onto these bicycles and you pedal, you feel like Superman," the CEO said at the Noah tech conference in Berlin. "This is possibly a substitution for Uber trips so we can be bigger than just cars, we can be about mobility inside a city, and we can help resolve the traffic issue every city is confronting."

Khosrowshahi did not uncover real pricing for the service or different markers where the service will be propelled straightaway. It's hazy why Uber picked Berlin to begin its European bicycle sharing venture, as it'll confront solid rivalry in the German capital from any semblance of Obike, Mobike, and LimeBike.

Uber operates a comparative service in Washington D.C., San Francisco, and other California urban areas, where a 30-minute trip on Jump bicycles would cost you $2.

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