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The Next Microsoft HoloLens rumored to unveil in Q1, 2019

Microsoft, for a very long time, was the main player in the augmented reality fragment. That flexibility permitted the company, two years prior, to avoid the creation and the arrival of its second-age HoloLens headset, keeping in mind the end goal to work and enhance the platform. In any case, now with new players like Apple and Google indicating enthusiasm for the market, bits of gossip have surfaced asserting that Microsoft will launch the second-generation HoloLens by Q1 of 2019.
The data was leaked by Brad Sams of, who claims to have seen Microsoft’s inner archives that demonstrate the tech giant will dispatch the AR headset early next year. He additionally asserts that the gadget is be codenamed as Sydney.
The report additionally expresses that alongside significant hardware updates, the next generation HoloLens will likewise be donning a lighter form and will be more agreeable to wear. The headset will likewise have essentially enhanced holographic displays. In any case, the most intriguing thing he expressed is that the HoloLens v3 won’t be priced as high as its predecessor, which accompanied a sticker price of $3,000.
It’s as yet not affirmed if the Q1 date is said for a commercial release or a developer review. In spite of the fact that Sams states that releasing a developer unit first will the feasible activity. Be that as it may, nothing is affirmed yet. In view of his report, it would seem that Microsoft is sufficiently centered to be the industry pioneer. Despite the fact that there still isn’t any opposition in the market, tech goliaths like Apple, Google and Magic leap have begun putting resources into the innovation too. Apple is relied upon to dispatch an AR headset by 2020.

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