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SONY 400mm Lens The World'd Lightest Super-Telephoto Lens

Sony has been flooding the market with top notch mirrorless cameras as of late, most eminently the a9 and a7R III. As of recently, be that as it may, the most genuine sport and natural life picture takers have been to some degree rejected from getting a charge out of the products of this work. Yet, "broad research and testing" (you could have recently asked me) have uncovered to Sony executives that these stars need access.

SONY 400mm Lens The World'd Lightest Super-Telephoto Lens
Image source SONY

The words "lightweight" and "400mm lens" don't regularly seem together, yet that is precisely what Sony's new 400mm F/2.8 G Master prime focal point are. Intended for Sony's E-mount cameras (like the a9 and the different kinds of the a7) this super-fax prime weighs a little more than 6 lbs and was composed considering sports and wildlife picture takers.

An exquisite, spaceship-looking bit of equipment, the focal point took over the before, and littler, zooming focal point offered for the E-mount, the 100-400mm GM focal point. Be that as it may, with its $12,000 sticker price, you can wager it packs a ton more punch.


The lens is furnished with two fast Linear Motors driving its concentration—an expansion that Sony's trying uncovers enhances moving-subject following by 500% over their 500mm model. To make up for the expanded power, calculations must be extraordinarily worked to limit slack and control commotion.


An individual from Sony's elite G Master arrangement, the 400mm accompanies the greater part of the treats important to empower the execution we generally expected from this gathering of focal points. This implies three particular fluorite components to limit chromatic abnormality and shading dying, a Nano AR covering (a Sony unique) for wiping out glare and reflection, and similarity with Sony's praised E-mount tele-converters (both the 1.4x and the 2.0x). At last, the 400mm highlights a 11-cutting edge opening system, taking into account sweet, sweet bokeh.
SONY 400mm Lens The World'd Lightest Super-Telephoto Lens
Image source SONY


The 400mm is intended for the most harsh and-tough circumstances, and is fabricated as needs be. Regardless of whether you're managing hyenas kicking up dust, or sweat-soaked football players tumbling into your gear, it should be a survivor. 

This implies a magnesium composite body and a carbon fiber hood, alongside a fluorine covering to shield the most vulnerable components of soil and fingerprints. It additionally comes ensured as residue and dampness "safe" (however, not "verification"). At long last, it has a variety of hard controls—a welcome rewind to the great ol' long stretches of dependable equipment > old programming—which can be modified to control the highlights, (for example, Eye AF, for instance) of your picking.


While the 400mm is about as amazing as we'd anticipate from a Sony super-zooming focal point, it packs one sudden astonishment: a weight just "somewhat more" than 6 lbs (contenders generally come in the middle of 8-12 lbs). This makes it—some individual call Guinness—the world's lightest 400mm F2.8 focal point. As indicated by Sony's in-house testing, this outcomes in a half lessening of latency when contrasted with their 500mm super-fax.

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