Robbie Williams, flipped off the World during the World Cup opening ceremony (Video)
Cover Photo Source: twitter

The World Cup is in progress, Robbie Williams was reserved to perform at the opening ceremony of the 2018 World Cup. He belted out a back inventory of tunes, which were warmly gotten by those in participation, but not before Robbie Williams chose to flip everybody off.

In the event that you forgot Robbie Williams (or didn’t know his identity) you can’t be faulted. Be that as it may, we were altogether helped to remember him on Thursday when he chose to flip off cameras recording his opening ceremony performance in front of the primary World Cup game.
Before anybody trolls Williams, it should be valued that he’s evidently still a sufficient thing to be highlighted at the World Cup opener.

That being stated, he’s as yet a major ordeal in Britain, and by expansion Western Europe. The better inquiry is who was that middle finger expected for? Is it accurate to say that it was gone for Putin, at Donald Trump, at the world? 

In any case, Robbie Williams has given the world another hit that we’re all discussing, so we can at any rate take comfort in that.

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