NVIDIA New Limited Edition 32GB Titan V "CEO Edition"
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Does anybody know the snappiest method to wind up an AI specialist? We aren’t especially keen on making Skynet- – or more probable preparing PCs to show more important promotions – however we wouldn’t state no to the restricted release Titan V GPUs that Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang gave away at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition meeting in Salt Lake City.
The new Titan V CEO Edition depends on the Volta stage and highlights the Tensor Cores that Nvidia made particularly for AI investigate. You can most likely think about how it got the CEO Edition moniker, yet on the off chance that it isn’t self-evident, this is on the grounds that Huang marked every one of the GPUs he gave away at the Utah meeting. In any case, a mark is the main thing isolating the Titan V CEO Edition from its unsigned partners – it gloats different changes too.
The most clear contrast between the Titan V CEO Edition and the plain-ol’ Titan V is this new version highlights 32GB of memory; its forerunner has 12GB. AnandTech discovered that NVIDIA likewise included with the new unit 128 render, yield units (ROPs) contrasted with the Titan V’s 96, enhanced the memory transport width to 4,096 bits (from 3,072), and expanded tensor execution to 125 TFLOPS from 110 TFLOPS. 
Nvidia said it gave away 20 of the Titan V CEO Edition GPUs at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition meeting. The organization hasn’t formally reported the Titan V CEO Edition for the retail showcase, however, we likewise question it would make 20 units of another Titan V just so Huang could give them away amid an AI meeting. We speculate the organization will uncover an also spiced item at some point later on.
For the time being, however, it appears like Huang just needed to charm the analysts at this meeting. He additionally endeavored to prevail upon the group with words:
“There’s all kinds of research being done here. As someone who benefits from your work, as a person who is going to enjoy the incredible research you guys do — solving some of the world’s grand challenges — and to be able to witness artificial intelligence happen in my lifetime, I want to thank all of you guys for that,” Huang said. “You guys bring me so much joy.”

NVIDIA Compute Accelerator Specification Comparison
  Titan V
CEO Edition
Titan V Tesla V100
Titan Xp
CUDA Cores 5120? 5120 5120 3840
Tensor Cores 640? 640 640 N/A
ROPs 128 96 128 96
Core Clock 1200MHz? 1200MHz ? 1485MHz
Boost Clock 1455MHz? 1455MHz 1370MHz 1582MHz
Memory Clock 1.7Gbps HBM2? 1.7Gbps HBM2 1.75Gbps HBM2 11.4Gbps GDDR5X
Memory Bus Width 4096-bit 3072-bit 4096-bit 384-bit
Memory Bandwidth 900GB/sec? 653GB/sec 900GB/sec 547GB/sec
VRAM 32GB 12GB 16GB 12GB
L2 Cache 6MB 4.5MB 6MB 3MB
Single Precision 13.8 TFLOPS 13.8 TFLOPS 14 TFLOPS 12.1 TFLOPS
Double Precision 6.9 TFLOPS
(1/2 rate)
(1/2 rate)
(1/2 rate)
(1/32 rate)
Tensor Performance
(Deep Learning)
Transistor Count 21.1B 21.1B 21.1B 12B
TDP 250W? 250W 250W 250W
Form Factor PCIe PCIe PCIe PCIe
Cooling Active Active Passive Active
Manufacturing Process TSMC 12nm FFN TSMC 12nm FFN TSMC 12nm FFN TSMC 16nm FinFET
Architecture Volta Volta Volta Pascal
Launch Date 6/20/2018 12/07/2017 Q3’17 04/07/2017
Price N/A $2999 ~$10000 $1299
 source anandtech

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