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New leak says, The Galaxy Note 9 isn't getting a new button

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New leak says, The Galaxy Note 9 isn't getting a new button
Image Source: Jacob Siegal/BGR

New leak says, The Galaxy Note 9 isn't getting a new button

The Galaxy Note 9 will to a great extent be like the Galaxy Note 8, most reports say, and that bodes well given what Samsung did with the Galaxy S9 recently. The S9 brings over a cluster of exciting highlights, yet it's for the most part like the Galaxy S8 propelled a year ago.

A leak a couple of days back recommended the Note 9 may have an interesting trick that could additionally enhance the general user experience, however it turns out it was simply unrealistic reasoning.

A picture demonstrating a protective case (beneath) a couple of days back highlighted what seemed, by all accounts, to be an additional physical button. The most clear clarification for it was that Samsung chose to include a camera screen button. It seemed well and good given that the Galaxy S9's promoting effort is revolved principally around the camera. The Note 9, as well, will convey a camera experience that will be in any event keeping pace with the Galaxy S9+, if not finer.

Be that as it may, it turns out there's no additional physical button on the phone. Pictures posted online by famous Samsung leaker Ice Universe demonstrate a Galaxy Note 9 protective case that highlights a knock with gaps for a cord. This has nothing to do with the phone’s design.

At the end of the day, the Galaxy Note 9 will be as "boring" and unsurprising as the Galaxy S9 this year. The methodology isn't precisely working for the company, as the Galaxy S9 isn't setting any records. The way that the whole cell phone producer is in a droop right presently doesn't help either. 

Samsung is clearly endeavoring to repeat Apple's iPhone launch cycle. The S9/Note 9 appear to be what might as well be called an "iPhone S" age. For the most part, "S" phones are superior to anything their ancestors, as they offer users a more cleaned look and experience, and the same goes for the Galaxy S9 and Note 9. Apple is additionally regularly scrutinized for not refreshing the iPhone's design, but rather the company continues selling a huge number of iPhones consistently.

The Galaxy Note 9 will be revealed on August ninth, reports say, with the phone anticipated that would launch before the month's over.

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