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Microsoft Launches News Site For Young Generation

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Microsoft has declared another item and updates to existing items that at last advantage children and families. Boss among the new contributions is MSN Kids, a news site in view of the current MSN site, yet one made particularly for kids. Also, Microsoft has refreshed its Launcher application with new parental controls, added site hindering to Edge for Android, and that's just the beginning.

MSN Kids is right now restricted to review mode, be that as it may, on its guardians and children can discover age-acknowledge news content, particularly for kids from distributions like Sports Illustrated for Kids and Time for Kids.

The substance is curated at the publication level to guarantee propriety, Microsoft clarifies, with the articles focusing on the rudimentary to center school age gatherings. Content incorporates intriguing things from around the globe, and there are intuitive riddles for those utilizing Edge programs.

Talking about Edge, Microsoft has updated the Android version of its web browser with another webpage blocking highlight. Utilizing this, guardians can keep kids from getting to specific sites through an Android cell phone or tablet. Endeavoring to get to a blocked site restores a message perusing, "Ask for permission."

In addition, the Microsoft Launcher for Android app has been updated with new features that help parents manage their child’s devices. Launcher already supported Xbox One and Windows 10, and now adds Android into the mix. With it, parents can view their child’s location and keep track of which apps they’re using.

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