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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is greater than 2033 and Last Light consolidated, making it the most aspiring section of the survival shooter arrangement yet. Declared at E3 2017, we'd would have liked to bear its fruitless scenes and illuminated mutants this year—however distributor Deep Silver has now reported it's slipped to 2019. 

"The improvement of Metro Exodus is advancing admirably; we are for the most part extremely energised by what we are seeing," says Deep Silver in an announcement. "We have been always assessing the games advance to guarantee that we convey an item that gamers and aficionados of the Metro arrangement need and merit, and also watching out for declarations from our rival items. 

"We need everybody to have the capacity to encounter what is the most aggressive Metro game to date taking care of business and in this manner we have taken the choice to move the discharge date to Q1 2019."

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Metro Exodus is a first-individual shooter game with survival repulsiveness and stealth components. Set in the dystonia no man's land of the previous Russian Federation, the player must adapt to the new dangers and take part in battle against changed animals and additionally threatening humans.The player uses a munitions stockpile of hand-made weaponry which can be tweaked through rummaging materials and a making framework. The game includes a blend of direct levels and sandbox environments.It additionally incorporates a dynamic climate framework, a day-night cycle, and conditions that change alongside the seasons as the story advances (It will be set through the span of one entire in-diversion year).

Minimum Specifications

Intel CPU                             Core i5-4440S 2.8GHz
AMD CPU                            FX-8150
Nvidia Graphics Card        GeForce GTX 1060
AMD Graphics Card          Radeon R9 390
VRAM                                 6GB
RAM                                   8GB
OS                                     Win 7 64
HDD Space                       50 GB
Direct X                             DX11

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